August Result And Performance Review

$14244.5 Here is my August result of my QMALL practice. In previous month I had my lowest profit month since I started my practice but looks like I hit my bottom and turning thing upward.

Although I had decline in my numbers past month, I’m not too concerned about my performance overall. It happens to anyone who trade stock and important thing is to not to be emotional about ups and downs and be rational.

Maybe it’s just change of volatility in market or I’m just not focused on movements and missing stay/exit sign.

The thing is rules stay the same regardless of market condition. There is no need for me to adjust rule itself and stat deviate from track record.

2017 aug.PNG

As I talked in my precious post, I reduced my trading share size to reflect more real world result. I am currently still saving up for my full time trading job but probably start trading before suggested account size which is $100k with 4 time leverage.

I am planning to start trading once I accumulate 60k+ and open another account with Suretrader to utilize their 6 time leverage.

st comm.PNG

$12k monthly profit goal I set last month is stil intact and I feel this number is challenging enough for next month at least. I might raise the bar a bit if I start doing better.



Last month I set my bare minimum monthly profit number. I set this to $8000 because after commission and tax this would give me at least $4000 take-home net profit.

I’m happy see I cleared $8k in two consecutive month. I used to feel like I wanted to start trading in real acount as soon as possible but now I don’t ffel that way so much. In order for me to feel real confidence in my trading, I need to clear $8k next 12 month and acheve $12k most of time.



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