September And October Result And Performance Review

I’ve been extremely busy past few month and I was not able to do the review. Normally this is a slower season for restaurants but that’s not the case this year.

Seattle is still glowing rapidly and there are tons of six figure earner in town. This is certainly great for the restaurant and the industry but it’s getting very hard for me to keep up while I’m doing this practice.

As far as my performance goes, I’m happy to report that it’s been consistent. I’m thinking clearing my goal of $12k is reasonable. I am hoping that I can stay consistent and build up more confidence.


2017 OCT

2017 OCT 2


Trading Share Size

As I talked in my precious post, I reduced my trading share size to reflect more real world result. I am currently still saving up for my full time trading job but probably start trading before suggested account size which is $100k with 4 time leverage.

I am planning to start trading once I accumulate 60k+ and open another account with Suretrader to utilize their 6 time leverage.

st comm.PNG

Monthly Profit Goal

Monthly profit goal is currently $12K and I feel this number is challenging enough for next several month at least. I might raise the bar a bit if I start doing better.



Minimum Profit and Break Even Number

I set my bare minimum monthly profit number which is $8000. I set this number because after commission and tax, this would give me at least $4000 take-home net profit.




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